Helping Customers Find You

Helping Customers Find You

There are so many ways to reach new customers! Make sure you are always advertising your business to potential clients. Here are some helpful tips.

Build your network

Set up a business Facebook page (click here for a how-to) to begin networking with potential customers online. Have regular contests to help get people interacting with your page and let people share your posts with others as well. Other dealers have found success in doing this.

In-person sales

Be sure to offer a variety of print products to cover a wide range of styles and budgets. If you have a storefront, be sure to make appealing displays with samples for your windows, this will entice possible customers walking by. Host an open house and give people the opportunity to see all the new product lines you offer by displaying albums.

Bridal shows

Another great way to meet new customers is by showcasing products at bridal shows. Do your research and find the show or shows that will work best for you.

  • Bring your best pieces to showcase and be prepared to take orders or consultations on the spot.
  • Collect emails while at the show and afterwards send out emails to everyone offering a discount on invitations or other printed pieces if they book a consultation with you.

If you haven’t already – visit our private Facebook page! Here you can connect with others just like you and find new tips and tricks for selling Carlson Craft printed products.

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