Bohemian Chic – Jasmine

Bohemian Chic – Jasmine

Spice up the romance at your wedding with the perfect invitation!

The Bohemian Chic invitation by Disney is inspired by Princess Jasmine and we adore the rich colors of gold. And the design is breathtaking.

Have bridesmaids wear bright colors – it will really set a tone at the ceremony. For the reception add gold accents to the tables. Consider having low tables where guests sit on plush, colorful pillows. Super chic and so cute!

For refreshments, provide blue punch and label it “ Genie Juice”. Decorate the dance floor with gold accents and lights. Having the dance floor decorated so bright will make sure guests will be grooving all night long!

Don’t be afraid to be bold and have a wedding fit for a princess such as yourself!

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