We’re crushing on: Free printable birthday books!

We absolutely love FREE printables! They make things easier, oh and not to mention are always adorable.

And if you have a hard time remembering the birthdays of those around you, then you will love this My Birthday Book printable!

Here is how to create your own birthday book:

  1. Print out the cover design you prefer along with the strip that includes the months January through December.
  2. Cut out the front cover, back cover and the strip of the months.
  3. Accordion fold the months so that they stack on top of each other (January should be at the top but facing down with the blank backside facing on top).
  4. On the back of the month of January (the blank side) place a nice amount of glue and place the front cover on top.
  5. Now do the same with the back of the month of December (place glue on the blank back side) and place the back cover on top of the glue part.
  6. Let the book dry!

Once your birthday book is dry you can begin to fill in each month with your family and friends birthdays. They sure will be impressed that you will never miss a birthday from now on!

Inspiration from Oh Happy Day

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