We’re crushing on: Free relative printable

Family reunions are filled with fun and reconnecting with those you don’t see all the time. However, family reunions tend to be large which can make it difficult to remember who is who.

Whoops, but we are all guilty of a blank mind when looking at someone. So we have the perfect solution for you!

Use our free printable family name tags, they make it easy to identify everyone.


  1. Print out desired number of name tags.
  2. Use a hole punch and punch out two holes at the top of the cards.
  3. String yarn through the two holes and tie at the top creating a name tag necklace.
  4. Provide pens and markers for people to write on.

Now that the supplies are ready, allow your family members to write their name, parents and grandparents names.

This will help everyone know who is who of the family tree!

Name Tag

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