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Free printable 2015 desktop calendar
While we were wrapped up in holiday parties and toasts and gifts and ribbons and ornaments and all variety of sparkly things, Father Time did that thing we all hate…

He made it January. He brought us back to real life. And even though we don’t do resolutions (give up sugar – REALLY?), we have kind of promised ourselves to add a little something special to every part of every day.

So we’re starting with calendars for a fresh new year. These free printable calendars are cute, colorful and unique. They’re great to have on your desk at work, your kitchen counter and beside your computer at home. They’ll make you smile every single time you look at them.

Crushing on calendars? Here’s what you do:

download calendar artwork
• print the calendars on card stock
• score and fold along the light grey lines between the months and along the left edge
• form the calendar into the standing triangle
• glue, tape or glue dot the left folded edge to the back of the panel of the last month on the calendar
• display

Happy New Year!

Free printable 2015 desktop calendar

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