Life Should be Celebrated

Let’s Be Grateful

We know this holiday just won’t feel the same without large family gatherings and giant meals around the table. We will surely miss the hugs,

Ladies’ Weekend!

Fishing season has arrived and the men are all too happy to take to the lakes and streams to dust off their angling skills. Yes,

Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs

Where do Easter eggs come from? Why, the Easter Bunny, of course! But what about the Easter eggs that we all gathered around the table

Welcome back, Spring!

Looking for a fun way to kick off the return of spring? Even though snow may still linger outdoors, and the thermometer calls for a

April Fools' Day

April Fools’ Day

This past weekend my niece asked me to help brainstorm April Fools’ pranks she could pull on her younger twin siblings. “They got me last

Oh, the Places You Can Host!

My younger brother Matt is getting married in June, and just recently confirmed the date, which has set into motion a quest for both a

Let the games begin!

Remembering the excitement and hubbub over the Olympics “in the old days,” as my 9-year-old refers to the years of my childhood, I recall the

Gender Reveal: Boy or Girl?

I still recall the hot summer day when, at 8 years old, I mentioned to my grandmother as I crouched down among the green bean

Dear Santa

Getting a bit carried away playing submarines in the tub the other night, Jack created quite a lake on the bathroom floor. After a raised

Happy December!

Ah, there it is! The scent of balsam fir is radiating throughout the main level of the house and someone cued up Burl Ives on

A Walk in the Woods

Down in the southeast corner of the state, among rolling fields of alternating greens and crop-colored golds, lies a piece of land my grandparents and