Ladies’ Weekend!

Fishing season has arrived and the men are all too happy to take to the lakes and streams to dust off their angling skills. Yes, I know – women fish, too! When my younger sister isn’t working or hauling a hefty backpack between college classes, she’s out at the lake with bait and her favorite rods and reels. I myself enjoy fishing from time to time, but when the boys hit the lake for the opener or any other hard-core fishing weekend, I’m more than happy to call up the ladies for some quality girl time.

While dinner and a movie is a solid standby for Ladies’ Night, let’s explore some other fun ideas!

Spa Day – Does this one need explaining? Didn’t think so! Manicures, pedicures, facials, massages, or any combination of your favorite pampering is appropriate. Be sure to schedule ahead of time. Do lunch first. Talk and laugh much. Rejuvenate.

Cabin Fever – Just because the men have taken to the great outdoors doesn’t mean you ladies can’t! Book a weekend retreat at a quiet, rustic cabin. Divvy up provisions and be sure to pack some fun! Begin the day with a mid-morning hike, followed with an outdoor lunch. Grab some paddles and a canoe for an afternoon on the lake. When dinnertime rolls around, break out some good wine and make an event of cooking a splendid meal together.

Road Trip – Whose turn is it to pick a destination? Maybe throwing a dart at the map is necessary. Nothing allows good friends to catch up faster than some time in the car. Take the scenic route and hit the most-talked-about restaurant when you get there. Remember, it doesn’t have to be anywhere fancy or expensive either. Just getting out of Dodge for the weekend will allow you to recharge the batteries while spending time with the girls.

Keep It Simple – Can’t get away? Not to worry. Having the house to yourself can be a mini-vacation, too! Invite your friends over for take-out, drinks and a good movie. This can be a perfect opportunity to dust off the fancy beverage glasses. Men don’t usually get as excited over frilly umbrellas and hurricane glasses as women do.

Take a Class – Gather up a girlfriend or two and register for a fun class. Flower arranging, gardening, painting, cooking, yoga… the sky is the limit!


Museums and Modern Art – Stroll through the galleries of those museums you’ve been wanting to revisit. Follow it up with an evening at the theater.

Fish – And if you’re more of a bait and tackle kind of girl rather than shopping and museum-strolling, organize your very own ladies’ weekend fishing trip!



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