Too hot? Too cold? Guest complaints solved!

You love the idea of an outdoor wedding in July. Or a winter wedding in a rustic lodge. Both sound beautiful. But when you’re planning, be sure to keep one very important thing in mind: your guests’ comfort.

Sitting in the blazing sun for hours on end will make guests feel melted instead of merry. And they’ll be more cold than cozy if they’re seated next to a drafty window in that rustic lodge. Same goes for churches without air conditioning and banquet halls with too much air conditioning.

Here are some little things you can do that will make a big difference when keeping your guests comfortable and happy.

Keep cozy
• set out big baskets of lap blankets and shawls guests can use if they get chilled
• give warm knitted or felted mittens as favors
• serve up hot drinks to keep them toasty
• include a note in your invitation to encourage guests to dress warmly

Keep cool
• make sure guests are seated in the shade
• provide sun hats, sunglasses and umbrellas to help block the sun
• have water bottles at the ready in big galvanized tubs of ice
• go for wedding program fans to keep guests involved in the ceremony and keep their cool

Your guests will love you!

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