Luxury invitations that dazzle

Luxury wedding invitations
Your wedding begins with the perfect invitation. And when your “perfect” means exquisite papers, beautiful details, lavish accents and expert printing, you’ll want to start with our luxury wedding invitations.

Choose the paper, design, printing method and color that fits your dream, your style and your definition of perfect. Here are some of the features of our luxury invitations…

Cotton Paper – The thickest, richest paper, including Crane’s Lettra® 100% cotton paper suitable for letterpress and engraving
The result: Personalized for your luxurious style

Letterpress­ – Your choice of ink pressed deeply into thick invitation paper
The result: Traditional process, your modern style

Engraving – Applying raised ink to thick paper with an engraved metal plate
The result: Your flair – with a nod to tradition

Foil Stamping – Applying foil to paper with a die, pressure and heat
The result: A luxurious look for your invitation suite

Laser Cutting – Cutting designs into paper with a laser beam
The result: Unique, intricate details that add up to a work of art

Embellishing – Adding special accents to invitations like lavish ribbons, fashionable wraps, real feathers and sparkling rhinestones
The result: Glamorous invitation that will dazzle your guests

Ready to introduce your elegant wedding with a luxury invitation? Find your perfect one now!

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