Get inspired: wedding flower favs

Saying we love flowers is an understatement! We can’t get enough of flowers. Like honestly, there are thousands and thousands of gorgeous ways to use flowers at your wedding! Of course we have our favorites and since it’s spring, we have quite a few.

• Anemones
These are a bridal favorite with a season starting in October and ending in May. With multiple colors to choose from, try pairing with lavender and ranunculus for a unique look. Anemones also make a nice boutonniere.

• Peonies
Peonies have large blooms making them budget friendly since you don’t have to use as many to get a full bouquet or centerpiece. Peonies complement all types of weddings making them popular during their bloom season between early spring through late June.

• Hydrangeas
These gorgeous flowers come in many different colors and are often popular in the summer. With Hydrangeas you get more blooms for your buck, each stem is so voluminous. Try pairing with peonies or roses.

• Tulips
Since Tulips are in season from mid March to May, it is no surprise they are a bridal favorite in the spring. Try pairing tulips with baby’s breath or peonies.

• Gerbera Daisies
Coming in a multitude of colors isn’t the only reason this beautiful flower is popular, daisies are also in season all year around. Daisies have a natural look and when paired with green accents and flowers, like roses, can make for a gorgeous bouquet or centerpiece.

Remember to pick flowers that are in season to keep costs down. Going a simple route can also help stay within budget and make your wedding look more organized.

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