We’re loving: beautiful Quince Años invitations

So much planning goes into throwing a Quince Años party. The gown, the Mass, the court, the venue, the cake, the music – all the details you pay attention to will make it perfect.

And a big part of that “perfect” is the guests who will celebrate with you. Which means you need the perfect Quince Años invitation to get those guests to the party!

Here’s the Quinceañera invitation we’re loving right now: Beautiful Butterflies Invitation. The unique fold gives you lots of space inside to list all the information about your celebration, your Corte de Honor, Padrinos, a favorite Bible verse or quotation, or any other message you want to share.

And the butterflies – the large pearl ones glow, and you get to choose the color for the small ones for a custom look. Butterflies are the best symbol for what a Quince Años party is all about – a little girl transforming into a young woman.

What color will you choose? What will you print on your Quince Años invitation? Get creative!

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