We’re loving: natural elegance

Woodsy Look wedding invitation
We’re suckers for a woodsy, natural wedding as much as the next guest.

But what really makes us ooh and aww and all fluttery is when that natural wedding gets gussied up a little big with touches of elegance.

The way you let your guests know that your wedding is going to be woodsy with a little bit of glam is by sending the right wedding invitation. You know, to let them know to wear some sequins with their boots and a tie with their denim.

Of course, we have an idea in mind to show you: our Woodsy Look invitation. It’s got an embossed wood grain pattern on the bottom layer and wording printed on the top layer and they’re tied together with some great, rustic jute cord.

The elegant part? The shimmer paper. Now that’s natural elegance!

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