We’re loving: the big night before the big day

When does all the planning and running around with last-minute details stop?

The night before the big day! That’s the time reserved for rehearsing for the ceremony and relaxing afterward at the rehearsal dinner.

Make sure you’ve spent some time organizing your wedding rehearsal so it goes smoothly (and quickly) so you can get right to the celebrating. A chic restaurant with lots of toasting, a backyard BBQ, a gourmet dinner prepared at home by a family member – whatever you decide to the night before the wedding, you’ll find rehearsal dinner invitations perfect for the style of the event.

We love the starry design, trim options and color choices for our Big Night Before rehearsal dinner invitation – you get to customize the look to match your party. Send the invitation to every person involved in the wedding rehearsal: wedding party members and their spouses or significant others, the officiant, musicians, the wedding planner, your parents (and grandparents if they’re involved) and others. Also invite out-of-town guests who won’t have anything to do the night before the wedding.

Have fun, relax and enjoy the big night before the big day!

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