Top of class! Enhanced Raised Foil Grad Announcements

Exactly what graduation announcements should look like in the year 2020!

Enhanced raised foil is a state-of-the-art, real foil technique that not only applies that beautiful sparkling foil to all kinds of stationery, it also leaves a noticeable impression on the paper! The raised look and feel of the design adds dimension and texture to your announcements plus enhanced raised foil is printed on both sides of a flat card. That means you get an awesome foil look on the front and the back of your grad announcements, which is not the case for traditional foil stamping.

Better yet? Enhanced raised foil costs the same as its traditional foil counterpart. So you get more bang for your buck. That’s why we voted Enhanced Raised Foil Graduation Announcements top of class!

Find a retailer near you and get your hands on some samples. As soon as you touch and feel these beauties, you’ll see just how easy it is to impress friends, teachers and family with a single announcement.

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