We’re Crushing On: DIY Rock Picture Holders

Spruce up your desk with something creative and colorful this month! We are totally
crushing on these DIY rock picture frame holders. This super easy craft will be fun
for the whole family. Here’s how we did it:

We found some rocks in our backyard that were the perfect size (they should be big
enough to hold a picture up). We washed them off and when they were dry we
applied paint, it took a couple of coats before the rocks were no longer visible.

When the paint was dry, we took a white paint pen and drew designs on the painted
rocks. Then we took a thicker type wire and wrapped it around the rock three to
four times. Next we extended the wire up and made a smaller loop at the top. Once
the wire was cut, we adjusted the top loop so that it would tightly hold our picture.

We think these look absolutely adorable on our desks!

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