We’re crushing on…DIY confetti

New Year's Eve confetti for your guests using cellophane bags and colorful seals
We know we’re supposed to live in the moment and appreciate the “now” and all that. Yeah, so we failed. Because it’s not even Christmas yet, and we’re already thinking of New Year’s Eve!

(In our own defense, we already have all of our DIY Christmas projects done.)

Anyway, New Year’s Eve. Champagne, toasting, countdowns, kisses – they’re all great. But we’re really all about the confetti. Handmade confetti, especially.

Here’s what you’ll need:
• card stock in colors that match your party
• hole punches in two or three different sizes
cellophane bags for packaging
cute stickers for sealing the bags

Here’s what you’ll do:
• punch out zillions of little confetti dots in different sizes from the card stock
• put a handful of confetti in each cellophane bag
• fold the bag over and seal with a great sticker

Hand the little bags out when guests arrive, set them in a bowl in the middle of the snack table for people to grab, or pass them around just before midnight.

Unseal! Toss! Happy New Year!

After Christmas, of course.


Cost? Really just the price of the bags and seals because you already have card stock and hole punches, right?

Time? You can fill each bag in about 5 minutes of punching, so just do the math to see how long it should take. (You know that friend who always offers to help at your parties thinking you won’t ever need any help? Invite her over…)

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