Wishing you a joyful Thanksgiving

Growing up in northern Wisconsin, I never knew if I’d be celebrating Thanksgiving by playing with my cousins in piles of fallen leaves or heading to a nearby park for ice skating or sledding. Some years the weather didn’t allow us to play outside at all. Then, as we grew older, my aunts and uncles moved farther and farther away, and large family celebrations became small ones.

Even the food orbiting the turkey has changed. Boyfriends and girlfriends became husbands and wives and added their favorites to ours. They added their holiday stories too. Because what hasn’t changed is the way we show our gratitude for friends, food and family. We reconnect by telling stories of past holidays. We argue over which dishes are must-haves. And we try to remember when one dish dropped off the menu, and another became essential.

I missed my family and their stories in 2020, but this year we’ll be able to celebrate together. For that, I’m so very grateful.

We’ve all made it through another year filled with challenges, big and small. The team here at Carlson Craft hopes yours has been filled with many blessings, and we’re grateful for this opportunity to say thank you.

May this Thanksgiving be the beginning of a wonderful holiday season filled with friends, family and laughter.

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