You’ll crush on: Free printable Halloween labels

It’s our goal in life to be THE favorite Halloween trick-or-treat stop. Every year, we out-do ourselves. Every year, people tell us it’s the best ever.

This year…well. It’s big, people.
Printable Halloween labels for sealing up cookies in CD sleeves.
Six cuuuuuute designs with clever sayings.
(Can your neighborhood can even handle this?)

Here’s what to do:
• bake a giant batch of monster cookies (really, what other kind of cookie would do for Halloween?)
download the art and print them on full-sheet labels…or print them on paper, cut and attach with glue dots…or have us print them for you on our large custom seals
• get some blank CD sleeves with clear windows so your cookies show through
• put the cookies in the sleeves, adding a little waxed paper under the cookie so the sleeves don’t get stained
• wrap the labels around the top of the sleeves to secure

Wait for the crowds. You might even make the news.

You can also use the labels on envelopes, treat bags, whole boxes of your monster cookies…

Use CD sleeves and printable labels to make unique Halloween treats

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