5 tips for great grad photos

5 tips for great senior photos

Everyone has their senior photos taken. And everyone wants theirs to be unique. So how do YOU make yours stand out and show your personality?

Graduation cap candy favors

We’re crushing on…grad cap candy

Graduating? Sweet! Know what else is sweet? These cute and yummy little grad caps made out of chocolate. Yes, chocolate. (Mmm…chocolate.) Here’s what you’ll need:•

Great trendy gift ideas for graduates

Trendy gift ideas for grads

Wondering what to get those special graduates? Here are 5 great gift ideas that will take them into the next stage of their lives with

Chalkboard Year Graduation Invitation

Chalkboard Year Graduation Invitation

The obsession: Chalkboards. Old-school chalkboards (yes, like the kind in schools) and how they’ve graduated from the classroom (as signs, art and home décor). And

Commence in style

After walking across the stage and hitting yet another milestone, it’s time to start arranging a commencement party for your new graduate! Send out an