5 tips for great senior photos

5 tips for great grad photos
Everyone has their senior photos taken. And everyone wants theirs to be unique. So how do YOU make yours stand out and show your personality? Here are 5 tips for taking senior shots that are all about you.

1. Bring along props. What do you love best? Bring it along to be included in your senior photo: an instrument, your pet, a sports item, your camera, paint brushes, your bike, your pointe shoes. Maybe your fun personality means you’ll bring along confetti to toss in the air!

2. What’s the season? Do you want your photos to be taken in the winter, summer, spring or fall? Each season has its own perks (snow, leaves, sun, flowers) and its own great photo opportunities.

3. Dress the part. Have some shots taken of you in your sports uniform, in your running clothes and shoes, in your pointe shoes and tutu, etc. You’ll capture yourself at a moment in time doing what you love.

4. Location, location, location. Take the photos somewhere you love: at the lake, on the basketball court, in the woods or at your favorite hangout spot.

5. Be expressive. Take a mixture of smiling, serious and fun photos so you have plenty to choose from for different purposes (framed portraits, yearbook, etc.).

Extra credit: Pick out your announcement beforehand so your photographer can stage your photo to fit your announcement perfectly.

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