The basics of wedding invitation etiquette

Wedding invitations not only set the tone of your nuptials, they present your guests with vital information for the big day. And while sending out these invites may seem like a simple task at first glance, there are actually quite a few things that must be kept in mind. Here are a few of the basics to follow when it comes time to send these out:

  • Send invitations out at six to eight weeks before the wedding date.
  • Make your RSVP date two to three weeks before the big day to allow the caterer to get a final head count.
  • Obviously, you’ll want to include your name and your groom-to-be’s name, as well as the date, location, time of the nuptials and RSVP information.
  • Note the dress code in the lower right-hand corner of the invitation.
  • Save the wedding website information for the save the dates.
  • If you don’t want children at your wedding, include a handwritten note to guests politely explaining your preferences.
  • When addressing envelopes, spell out titles and degrees like doctor, and always use Mrs. and Mr. for married couples.

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