How to make a difference at your wedding

Your wedding day is all about love, and the two of you will be feeling it so much you’ll want to share it. You will with your guests, of course, during the ceremony and reception with the romance and dinner and toasting and dancing.

There are other ways to share the love on your wedding day, too. Think about making a difference for the environment and for those in your community who are less fortunate.

Eco-friendly ideas
Hire local vendors to cut down on shipping and travel. Also serve food that was raised, grown and produced locally – it will be fresh and delicious and support area farmers. Cut down on waste by using real plates, utensils and glassware.

Donation cards
Make donations to your favorite charity in honor of your guests instead of giving them favors. To let them know, print donation cards with a note about your gift and place a card on each plate at the reception. Have fun with the cards by choosing colors, designs and shapes that coordinate with your wedding and the charity you’re donating to.

Donate leftovers
Call ahead to shelters to see which ones accept donations of leftover food. Arrange with your caterer to pack up leftovers after wedding, and have the food delivered to the shelter. It’s also a nice gesture to donate your centerpieces and floral arrangements to local shelters, nursing homes and churches.

If you come up with other great ideas for sharing the love, we’d love to hear about them!

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