One invitation – endless options for making it your own

1 invitation - endless options for customization
What you see isn’t what you have to get! There are so many ways you can customize your wedding invitation to match your wedding style, theme, colors and more.

To show you how it can be done, we’ve featured our Just Your Type Invitation three ways to match three different wedding styles with choices of papers, type layouts, ink colors and fonts. Read on for the details, and get inspired to customize your own invitations.

Kraft paper
Left-right-left justified type layout
Western-style “Applewood” font
Ginger and Mocha inks
= It will be very clear that you’ll be wearing your boots under your wedding gown, and that your wedding will be beautifully rustic.

Black Tie
White paper
Centered type layout
Unique, scripty Bombshell font
Black and Slate inks
= Crisp and stylish and “less is more” to give guests just a hint at how elegant your wedding will be.

Ecru paper
Left-centered-right type layout
Modern Bergamot font
Mango and Timber inks
= A look that “pops” in the colors of your trendy wedding.

Now – get creative and start making your wedding invitations unique.

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