Party like there’s no mañana!

Be original for graduation by having a fiesta inspired grad party!  While everyone is serving the standard American cuisine, you can stand out from the crowd by serving Mexican food and enjoying the party.  This spicy theme will be enjoyable for guests of any age; everyone will be celebrating toda la noche!  Check out this Fiesta invitation to get started.  (Pro tip – you will want to send out your graduation invitations six weeks in advance to ensure your guests can clear their schedules.)

Incorporate bright colored table covers, music, or even a piñata to really get in the spirit.  Another fun idea, place sombreros and other fiesta décor on each table for your guests to play around with.  Use a small potted cactus as an anchor and attach balloons in your school colors to the pot for the best of both worlds.

On to the food. An easy crowd pleaser is a taco bar stocked with all the fresh taco fixings.  The taco bar is not only inexpensive, but it is also easy to prepare. Start doing prep the day before so you can get to friend’s parties the day of yours instead of having to help out.  If you are feeling extra festive be sure to have homemade guacamole added to the table.  Don’t forget to order or pick up festive cups, bowls, and plates.  Check out these personalized bright lime colored napkins – a perfect detail to add to your fiesta!  If you need to label the food, you can cut a lime in a half and stick a toothpick in it with a printed piece of paper stating what each thing is. Gluten free anyone?!

This day is about you, so make sure that you add some of your favorite things into the party.  It could be anything from hanging up pictures of yourself when you were younger to having your favorite dessert to share with your family and friends.  Do you hear that sound? That’s the sound of maracas as you start planning your fiesta inspired grad party! Adios!



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