Tips for picking the perfect pre-wedding gift for your soon to be Mrs.

Wedding Gift
Choose something that holds meaning to both of you:

Love baseball? Surprise your new Mrs. with a pair of tickets to an upcoming game and plan a day full of relaxation to kick back and enjoy after the wedding.

Surprise her with a piece of jewelry that matches her new wedding set. Visit the jeweler you purchased her ring from for recommendations on other pieces that would coordinate nicely.

Not taking a honeymoon? Surprise her with a weekend getaway following the wedding – a “mini-moon”. Choose your favorite vacation spot, or maybe the spot you got engaged. You can plan spots for dinner or special sight-seeing adventures, but be sure to leave yourselves plenty time to just relax and enjoy each other.

Gifts aren’t always necessary, but handwritten notes are. Be sure to give her a meaningful message before you see her for the first time on your big day. Tell her why you can’t wait for her to be your Mrs., reminisce about past events throughout your relationship and let her know why she’s “the one”. Then have a member of the bridal party deliver your message.

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