To Veil or Not Veil

bride under veil
The modern bride today does not fall into just one category and it seems that more and more brides are contemplating if they should wear a veil or not.  Some brides don’t feel the need to have a traditional wedding; therefore they will skip having a veil.  Some brides have said that veils seem outdated – where some brides insist on a veil because it completes their look and is a tradition.

There are many different reasons why you wouldn’t want a veil.  Maybe the back of your dress has a lot of amazing detail or maybe you don’t feel comfortable wearing one. Whatever the reason, there are other gorgeous hairpieces that will work!

There are jeweled berets, hats, flowers or flower crowns, jeweled headbands, and even decorative combs! And you have probably seen these all grace the pages of bridal magazines at one time or another.  They can add an element of bridal beauty to complete your look without a veil.

If you are a bride who thinks all those ideas seem like a good idea but you still see yourself wearing a veil – there are many options for you too!

Birdcage, shoulder length, elbow length, fingertip length, chapel length, and cathedral length– there is a veil out there that will match your dress whether it is made with glimmer illusion, silk chiffon, polyester chiffon, organza, silk tulle, or lace.

The most popular veil, fingertip length (think Kate Middleton when she got married) flatters most dress styles – while birdcage is the most vintage looking and then there is cathedral length which will give you a more dramatic look.

Have you ever thought of combining a headpiece with a veil?! That would bring a whole new level of glamour to your bridal look!

Whatever you choose make sure you are comfortable and it is truly how you envision yourself on your special day!  Headpieces and veils add great detail to your wedding photos and also add to your overall look.  You are a bride who knows what she wants!  So don’t be afraid to be non traditional or traditional, this is your special day.

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