Wedding registry: 5 ways to do it right

Wedding registry: 5 ways to do it right
Registering for wedding gifts is so much fun. But before you get your list and that scanner in your hands, keep these 5 registry tips in mind.

1. Register early
Register for gifts 4-6 months before the wedding. Some guests like to send their gifts to the couple ahead of time so they don’t have to carry the package to the event. There will also be shower gifts to shop for before the wedding.

2. Range of prices
Register for items in all price ranges so guests have a variety of gifts to choose from. Some guests won’t be able to afford that stand mixer you’re dreaming of, or they might not know any other guests to pitch in on a larger gift like this.

3. Variety of stores
Make sure to register at a variety of stores so all guests will have an opportunity to access your wish list. Also register at brick-and-mortar stores and online so they can shop easily.

4. Want vs. should
Register for the items that are most important to you. Why register for china and crystal and silver when what you really want is that deluxe tent for your honeymoon camping trip?

5. Don’t list registry info on the invite
Never print your wedding registry info on your wedding invitations. Put the information on your wedding website, your Facebook page and inside bridal shower invitations.

And don’t forget…
You need to send thank you notes to your guests for gifts no later than 3 months after the wedding. Send thank you notes for shower gifts and gifts sent to you before the big day as they arrive so you keep up.

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