We’re loving: a magical winter wedding

Winter Wedding
We think winter weddings are completely magical and also super gorgeous. The rich colors and natural touches can make your special day one of a kind!

Start with the perfect invitation. We personally love our Winter Wonderland invitation. The snowy scene will get guests ready for your upcoming nuptials.

Have bridesmaids dress in a neutral color like taupe and have bouquets in rich reds, and maybe even add in some glitter. On the day of the wedding, take pictures near a wooded area if possible. It will make for a breathtaking background!

Give your venue a nice warm glow by stringing lights around the dance floor and tables. For centerpieces place twigs, pinecones and berries around candles. We thought cute reindeer candlesticks would add a nice touch! Tie it all together with a wreath of greenery placed in front of each guest.

Don’t just have any type of cake at your winter wedding! Have a naked cake, which is a popular and growing trend. Decorate your fabulous cake with berries, twigs and, if you want, add a pinecone, or two, or three.

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