What women really want for Valentine’s Day

What women really want for Valentine's Day
Have you ever wondered just how romantic we get on Valentine’s Day? Here are some fun facts about the love that will be in the air this weekend.

There are 257 million red roses sold for Valentine’s Day.

What’s interesting is that 53% of men think women want flowers.
While 37% of women expect to get flowers…
only 4% of women really want them.
(Maybe it’s time to get a little more creative in the gift-giving arena, guys…)

To their credit, men spend more than twice as much on Valentine’s Day as women
(men = $133 million, women = $56 million)

So what do women really want for Valentine’s Day?

55% of women would rather have a nice dinner
(at a restaurant or made at home)

35% crave chocolate
($707 million is spent on candy vs. $23 million for wine)

22% of women hope for jewelry
(14 million got an engagement ring last year!)

Other ways we celebrate Valentine’s Day:
19% of people buy their pets a gift
18% of flowers purchased are for Mom
29% of people send a romantic text message
180 million cards are given

How are you celebrating the most romantic day of the year? We’d love to hear about it.


sources: CNN.com, creditdonkey.com, statisticbrain.com

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