Will you be my bridesmaid?

Bridesmaids gifts
He asked and you said yes! Now its time to ask your closest confidants, “ Will you be my bridesmaid?”. Here are super cute ways to ask the ultimate question.

Adorably tote – cute black totes or floral chalkboard bags are perfect ways to ask. Fill the bag with each bridesmaid’s favorite things – they’ll love it.

Pop the question – place the question with confetti inside a balloon. Have each bridesmaid blow it up and pop it.

Two in one – put the question inside a locket – the best part is this can double as a bridesmaid gift!

Puzzling question – help each friend put a personalized puzzle together that asks to be a bridesmaid.

With endless possibilities, we are sure each bridesmaid will be honored to be apart of your wedding no matter how you ask!

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