You on Paper: Letterpress

You on Paper: Letterpress

What’s the difference between letterpress and engraving? Thermography and flat printing? Laser cutting and die cutting?

You won’t have to wait long to find out — we’ll be telling you all our printing secrets in our new “You on Paper” series! Watch for posts that tell you all about the processes and options available to get your style down on paper.

Let’s start with…

The process: Pressing designs and ink deeply into thick paper
The result: A traditional process that perfectly suits your modern style!
The look: Letterpress wedding invitations can be printed in up to three ink colors to set the perfect look for your big day. Neon and traditional inks, shiny foil and unique designs will get guests’ attention.
The price point: Luxury – $350 and above per 100 (but so worth it!)

See letterpress designs here.

You on Paper: Letterpress

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