Best holiday gifts for brides

If you’re close to someone who’s getting married in the near future, consider getting her a gift to help her with the wedding process, or at least ease some of the stress that can come with it. Put any of these great ideas on your holiday gift list for one happy bride-to-be:

Gift cards
Gift cards aren’t impersonal – they’re practical. Chances are, she is going to really appreciate a guilt-free shopping spree after her wedding day has passed, whether it’s getting an afternoon latte or relaxing with a pedicure.

The perfect scent
Search for a perfume from her favorite designer or celebrity line as a holiday gift. Who knows? She may even wear it on her wedding day!

A book
Because this bride may be in the midst of figuring out the details for her big day, get her a book filled with party planning ideas. This way, she can get some help when scheduling wedding-related events like the bridal shower, rehearsal dinner or bachelorette party.

A night out
Schedule her a night out with friends to de-stress her from the wedding world. Whether it’s a concert, a comedy show, a day at the spa or a play, she’ll appreciate getting out of the house and blowing off some steam.

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