Bring a little light into your special occasion

Some of the best parties have the most imaginative lighting. Get your creative juices flowing and think beyond the traditional overhead lighting. There are all different types of lighting that can bring a bit of personality to any party. Here are a few party planning ideas when it comes to lighting your space for a special occasion:

Fluorescent light
You may first associate fluorescent bulbs with harsh lighting. However, when done the right way, it can transform you party from dull to modern with just a flick of a switch. Instead of putting lights on the ceiling, add a tube of fluorescent light to the bottom of your kitchen island for a contemporary feel.

Out-of-the-ordinary fixtures
Instead of the typical lamp and overhead lights, consider switching things up a bit. Try some light boxes or paper lanterns to bring the room to life and add a bit of style and personality.

Glowing furniture
Yes – you can actually purchase furniture that glows! According to Houzz, there are cocktail tables that come with a subtle glow to keep the party going into the wee hours of the night.

Strings of lights
Dig up those holiday lights from the basement and hang them all over the space for your party. These are especially perfect for outdoor occasions and provide a warm glow for all of your party guests even when the sun goes down.

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