Design ideas for your candy buffet table

Candy tables are making a big splash at weddings today. Some brides have them in addition to their cake, while other use candy in place of their tiered confection. You may know what types of sweets you want at your candy table, but styling them takes plenty of thought and preparation. They should look just as delicious as the treats taste.​ Here are a few party planning ideas for your sweets table:

Arrange by color
By grouping items by color, you can create a stunning display of sweets. A centerpiece of a tower containing blue frosted cupcakes can be surrounded by glass vases of blue M&Ms, rock candy and macaroons. Use one to three colors to make your table look streamlined and coordinated. Too many colors can get overwhelming and make it hard to tell what’s on the table.

Consider your wedding theme
Having a vintage wedding? Then you can have your candy table reflect that style as well. Use a lace tablecloth and feature design pieces alongside your sweets. This bride chose to display a bouquet of flowers inside a gold painted bird cage. It’s surrounded by candy in glass jars, labeled with vintage paper flags.

If your wedding is a black-tie affair, dress up your sweets table to look just as glamorous as the rest of your reception decor. Stick to contemporary colors using silver, black and white for a sophisticated feel. Use shimmering, metallic vases wrapped in crystal-accented ribbons and fill them with chocolate truffles coated in silver edible glitter. Sweets wrapped in a shiny coating fits a retro-glam wedding theme.

Candy cocktails
Instead of putting your candy in glass jars or bowls, consider making them look like cocktails. Gumballs and chocolate drops look elegant and fun in margarita glasses, champagne flutes and martini glasses. Stick some straws that match the color of the sweets for a finishing touch.

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