Etiquette for holiday greeting cards

Sending out holiday cards can be a special greeting, whether it’s going to a client, a friend or a family member. But before mailing out your holiday greeting cards, make sure you know what to do and what not to do when it comes to etiquette.

Personalize them
The greeting that you’re sending out is a reflection of you or your company. Therefore, skip the pre-printed sayings and personalize your cards a bit. This not only makes them more entertaining to read, but more memorable. If sending holiday greeting cards to clients, let the recipients know how much you appreciate their business. If you’re sending the cards to friends or family members, take a few minutes to write a short note so they know what’s new in your life.

If uncertain, stick with a neutral greeting
If you’re a business mailing out holiday cards, it’s best to send one with a neutral greeting like “Happy holidays” or “Season’s greetings.” This way, you don’t single anyone out. When sending them to friends and family, be aware of which cards are going to which people. Some may prefer generic greetings.

Don’t send them to everyone
Before sending cards out to everyone you’ve ever met, comb through your mailing list. You don’t need to send a holiday card to someone that you spoke to once at a party. Instead, send them only to your close friends and family. For businesses, send them out to all your clients to let them know they’re being thought of and appreciated.

Forget e-cards
Don’t send an e-card as a substitute for a real holiday greeting card. E-mails are much less personal. Instead, a holiday card should represent an act of generosity and thoughtfulness. Simply clicking a link to send out an impersonal card won’t mean much to a client or a family member.

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