Keep or Toss: Wedding Traditions

There are SO many wedding traditions to incorporate into your big day! But we
have to be honest, there are some traditions that are outdated and need to go… and
then there are ones that will always stand the test of time.

Traditions to toss…

Wearing a veil – When it comes to your wedding day look, do what fits your style!
Sometimes that means not wearing a traditional veil. Instead, opt for a jeweled
headband, flowers, or sparkling clips. If you decide not to wear anything – that’s just
fine too!

Typical wedding music – You don’t need to walk down the aisle to ‘Hear Comes the
Bride’ if you don’t want to! Get your uncle to play bagpipes or have an acoustic
set of your favorite song.

Bridesmaids need to be female, Groomsmen need to be male – It’s 2017, it’s
time to throw out gender norms. It doesn’t matter who your best friends are,
what matters is that they stand by your side on your special day!

Traditions to keep…

The first dance – This is one of the best parts on your wedding day! Everyone
loves seeing the first dance. Plus it will be a wonderful memory.

Bouquet toss – It might be cliché, but all the single ladies will love it! And it’s an
easy and fun way to interact with your guests.

The “Something” tradition – This is a special opportunity for those close to you to
have a role in your big day! Each piece should mean something important. So let
grandma lend her vintage bracelet to you – you wont regret it!

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