Save vs. Splurge

We know that unless you are a billionaire, you probably have a wedding budget. Which means that you might not be able to go all out for your big day. But don’t worry, you can still have the most fantastic, beautiful and perfect day no matter what your budget is! Here are some of our suggestions on what you can save on and what to splurge on when it comes to the wedding planning.

Save on:

The veil – Don’t shell out tons of cash for this piece. You can have someone in your family make you one or even borrow your friend’s veil you admired. Plus more and more brides are opting for other options like hairpieces, flower crowns or nothing at all.

The favors – Yes favors are nice, but completely not necessary. In fact guests probably won’t even notice they are missing.

The decorations – Decorations are needed, but don’t feel like you need to go all out and spend a lot of money. Start by decorating the basics like the head table and centerpieces. Then see what money you have left over and add more if you want.

Splurge on:

Wedding dress alterations – This is an obvious one! Make sure you get your dress to fit you like a glove on your wedding day. It will make you feel extra confident and beautiful.

Food – You don’t need to have an over abundance of fancy appetizers or even a buffet. But whatever you do offer guests for food – needs to be delicious. Don’t leave your guests hungry! Your best bet is to offer two to three food options.

Photography – Pictures from your wedding are everything. It’s the best way to ensure you capture memories of a lifetime! So make sure you have a high quality professional snapping the camera.

Music – This is also essential. Music keeps the party going and we all have been to a wedding where the music wasn’t good. Don’t be that wedding! Sit down with your DJ or band to make sure your wants and needs for music will be met.

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