Making your own wedding favor tags

While etiquette requires you to send out thank you notes, wedding favors are another wonderful way to show your appreciation. Whether you’re sending your guests home with coffee, candy, matches or a treat, you’re going to need to attach favor tags. On the tags, you can write anything from “thank you” to your wedding date and your names. Here are a few ways to create beautiful wedding favor tags:

Pick out a tag
Make it easy on yourself by purchasing favor tags that are already pre-cut. This will save you tons of time and effort, as you won’t have to personally cut out each one. With Carlson Craft, you can create personalized tags by choosing the best paper, printing process, shape and embellishments to make it entirely your own. This Seaside Duet tag is perfect for a destination wedding, while this Crazy in Love chevron patterned tag would go well with a modern affair.

Choose a type of string
In order to attach the favor card to your gift, you’re going to need some type of string. Contemporary nuptials may call for bright, patterned twine, while hemp cord or this white lace ribbon would go well with a rustic wedding.

Use stamps
While you can certainly write out your favor cards by hand, stamps offer a way to conveniently and quickly finish your tags, and each one will look the same. Design a custom stamp that includes your names and wedding date.

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