Trendy themes for your child’s birthday party

Help make your little one’s birthday even more special by setting a theme for the big day! This not only makes it fun for all the party guests, it helps you to narrow down decor and menu items for the party as well. Consider any of these exciting party planning ideas for your child’s birthday:

Imagine a party filled with vibrant colors everywhere you look. For a fun birthday activity, you can help the kids tie-dye their own T-shirts that they take home with them at the end of the party. As for the decor, the space can be filled with a rainbow of colorful streamers and balloons. You may even attempt making a layered cake, with each layer being a different hue.

Set up your backyard with a few tents, and when the sun goes down, start a bonfire where all of the little ones can roast marshmallows and create their very own s’mores. Even if it’s not a sleepover party, the tents are still perfect decor, and the kids will have fun hanging out in them during the party.

Disney movie
Choose your child’s favorite Disney movie and design the party around that particular film. For example, if they choose “Up,” you can fill the space with colorful balloons and set up a station where kids can create their own adventure books.

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