Unique themes for a sweet sixteen bash

Before you send out personalized invitations for a sweet sixteen party, you first need to establish a theme. This will then make it easier for you to choose the decor, food and activities for the soiree. Here are a few creative themes for a memorable birthday:

Hotel spa party
This theme is perfect for a group of your daughter’s closest friends. Rent a hotel suite just for the night and decorate the room to look just like a spa. There can be different stations for manicures, facials and pedicures. Serve virgin pina coladas and daiquiris while playing Caribbean music in the background for an island feel.

Hollywood bash
For the girl that can’t get enough of glitz and glamour, a Hollywood party may be right up her alley. Roll out the red carpet and send out invitations like these to reflect a celebrity-themed soiree. Hang up old Hollywood posters around the space and make a Walk of Fame star for each of the guests at the party. You can give out miniature Oscar statues as awards for best dressed, best dancer, etc.

Pool party
If your daughter’s birthday is right in the middle of summer, a pool party can be a fun way to cool off and celebrate. Hire a DJ to keep the music going. During the evening, you can set up a portable movie screen to show her favorite films.

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