Wedding etiquette: How to address your guests names

Sending out wedding invitations can become a time-consuming task. Make sure your envelopes are sealed and addressed in style with these wedding invitation etiquette guidelines:

– Full names should be used on the outside envelopes for your wedding invitations. Initials and nicknames are considered a faux pas when it comes to addressing your invitations, so keep it formal.

– Use appropriate social titles in front of your guests’ names. For instance, you would address a married couple’s invitation as: Mr. and Mrs. Steven Smith. Professional titles take precedence over gender, so if the wife is a doctor and the husband is not, the address would read: Dr. Mary Porter and Mr. John Porter. If a wife has kept her maiden name, the invitation would read: Mrs. Tracy Little and Mr. Kyle Schneider.

– When addressing an invitation to an unmarried couple who lives together, write the names on separate lines without the word “and.” The response envelopes should be addressed individually, including titles, first and last names.

– Like names, street addresses should also be spelled out. Common abbreviations such as St., Dr. and Apt would then read Street, Drive and Apartment, respectively.

– If you plan on inviting families with children, make sure to add titles and the names of the children so guests know they are welcome at the reception. Master is used for boys under the age of 13 and Miss is used for girls under the age of 18.

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