What to have your ring bearer carry down the aisle

The ring bearer plays a very important part in your nuptials, much like wedding invitations and your marriage license. After all, he’s the one with the rings! This little guy is also likely to bring a certain level of cuteness to your wedding, which is just an added bonus. But when it comes down to it, your ring bearer has a job to do. Check out these fun items for the little one to carry down the aisle with your wedding rings:

A vintage novel
If you and your future spouse share a love for literature, you can have your ring bearer carry down your favorite vintage novel. Simply tie your rings onto the book using twine and you have a romantic way to keep your rings safe.

A traditional pillow
You can’t go wrong with tradition. Pillows are easy to match to the rest of your wedding decor because they can be adorned with colorful ribbon, embellishments, feathers and more. I love this Vintage Charm Ring Pillow, perfect for rustic nuptials.

A flag
If your ring bearer is too young to be put in charge of carrying your rings all the way down the aisle, you can still give him something to hold onto. A flag with a simple statement like “yay!” is adorable and he will have so much fun waving it all the way down the aisle.

A dog
You can consider having your favorite four-legged friend join your ring bearer down the aisle. The little guy will be glad he has a partner walking with him down the aisle. You can tie your rings around the dog’s neck or give them to the ring bearer to hold onto.

A sign
One of the biggest trends today is having either the ring bearer, the flower girl or both walk down the aisle with a sign directed toward the groom. It could read something simple like “Here comes the bride” or you could take a more comical twist by saying “Here’s your last chance to run!”

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