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Birthday Invitation
Make sure that guests invited to your next party know they are truly “Very Important People” with a VIP theme.

The best part is that VIP theme parties don’t have to be pricey; you’ll find a variety of ways to make your guests feel special without going over your budget.

Let guests know your party is special by sending VIP Pass Invitations. They will love receiving these brightly colored invitations!

Add a red carpet if you are really feeling like going all out! And maybe even consider hiring your kids or your guest’s kids to be paparazzi. Have them snap pictures as guests arrive to the party, these pictures could make excellent gifts or a scrapbook!

Encourage your friends to dress up, play along and genuinely have fun. This is a great party theme, especially for those who love movies and entertainment.

To keep the excitement going, provide movies to watch. If there’s a big blockbuster hit that is popular among your guests, it would be a great idea to view it at your party. Or you can have guests sing karaoke. It is always a good time and will have guests dancing and laughing!

The great part about a VIP theme is that once you plan the first part of the night, the second half can take care of itself and you can see where the night takes you and your guests!

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