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Bachelor Party
Don’t let the wedding fun be all about the bride! The groom deserves to have his moment too and we know just the perfect way!

BACHELOR OLYMPICS! We think it is a pretty great idea…

And it’s pretty easy and fun. All you need is to round up the wedding party and anyone else you know the groom will want to celebrate with. Pick someone’s house that has a nice sized backyard for all the activities that will take place. Then research all the possible yard games all of you will want to play and gather supplies.

When the day arrives, split off into two teams. Make sure to have a prize for the winners! We were thinking that maybe the losers could be responsible for paying for any rides home that might be needed by the end of the night!

Oh and we can’t forget, when throwing this bachelor party for the husband-to-be, make sure to have all the right gear! We have the perfect Team Groom party accessories, including awesome Team Groom Can Coolers that will be perfect for this party.

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