We’re loving: the ultimate flower wedding

Flower Invitation
Flowers are the most natural and beautiful way to decorate a wedding. So why not go all out and have the most flowertastic wedding anyone has ever seen!

Of course you need a fabulous invitation, like our Beautiful Love Invitation. The luscious flowers and rich colors will highlight your special day.

Instead of wearing a traditional veil, wear a gorgeous flower crown and have bridesmaids wear a single flower in their hair. This will add a pop of color to everyone’s look.

Create a flower wall to display at your reception. Guests can take pictures in front of it! Create a hashtag specific for your wedding so you can look at everyone’s photos of your special day.

Decorate your cake in flowers to tie it in with your theme. For wedding favors, give guests flower seeds. We especially love our Seeded Heart Favors!

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