We’re Loving: Anniversary Invitations

An anniversary party is a great way to celebrate the 50 years that you and your spouse have spent together.
The love that you have for each other is something to celebrate. Here are a few unique party planning ideas
for your anniversary soiree:

Watch your wedding video
What better way to re-live your big day than to watch your wedding video? If the video is fairly long,
however, you may want to narrow it down to one part, whether it’s the vows, the first dance or the cake
cutting. Just seeing your wedding on tape will cause those amazing memories to rush back as if your
nuptials were just yesterday.

Create a timeline
As part of your party decor, you can write down all the major things you have accomplished as a couple on
a large, framed chalkboard. Next to the event, write the year. Everyone at your party will be able to see all
of the fun things you’ve done as a couple since you tied the knot. You could jot down your trip to Europe,
the year your first child was born or when you moved into your first home together.

Use pictures as decor
Fill your party venue with photographs of you, your spouse and your family. Tie them to the string of a
balloon where they will float in the air for all to see, frame your favorite photos and use them as table
centerpieces, or have your baker feature your pictures on a cake.

Of course you can’t forget to invite your guests! We love our Golden Flashback – Invitation. The gold foil
with a picture of the two of you is perfect.

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