Wording Photo Holiday Card

Send out your seasonal well wishes to friends and family with a fun card. Holiday greeting cards can express love, gratitude and joy and can be given to family, friends, coworkers and clients. The cards are an easy way to stay in touch with those who you aren’t able to see or speak with on a regular basis.

This Wording Photo Holiday Card helps you not only share your festive sentiments, but also allows you to put your favorite picture on display. It could be of you and your new spouse, your child or even your pet. This greeting can be sent out to everyone on your list – no matter the holidays they celebrate – because it isn’t associated with any particular celebration. It simply wishes the recipient hope, peace and love.

Once you’ve chosen the perfect photo, it’s time to stuff the cards into envelopes and send them off before December has passed you by. If you’re short on time, leave the hard work in the hands of Carlson Craft’s List Personalization Services. We can address each and every envelope for you, ensuring that they all look consistent. All you have to do is send us your address list online and we’ll have them addressed in no time. This way, you can spend that time holiday shopping instead!

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