Happy Labor Day

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Labor Day marks the end of summer, and when I was growing up, it was always the last weekend before school began. I had a vague idea that the holiday was about more than back-to-school. Still, in my kid-centric universe, the reason for the holiday didn’t register (It was created in 1894 as a holiday to celebrate the contributions of working people.) I was just excited to go school shopping and happy to see my school friends again.

I was around 10 when I realized kids in other parts of the country returned to the classroom sometime in August. A long weekend so soon after school started seemed like a great idea. Then mom explained they weren’t going to move Labor Day for me, and beginning in August meant trading two weeks of beautiful summer weather for questionable weather in the spring. That’s when I learned to appreciate the last few weeks before school as something special. So, as everyone here at Carlson Craft enjoys the long weekend, we wish you a very happy Labor Day and a smooth transition from summer to fall.

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