Top Winter Wedding Invitations

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Couples who choose a winter wedding know that winter is the most magical season of the year, if you’re willing to not only brave the cold but embrace it. Winter weddings are incredibly beautiful and oh so romantic! We’ve put together some of our favorite winter wedding invitations as inspiration for all of you who are planning a winter wedding.

Let’s hit some highlights from the gorgeous collage of winter wedding invitations shown here. You can find links to each design at the bottom of this blog post.

There’s no question why Contemporary Greenery is first on our inspiration board! Look at that sparkling foil greenery and how it contrasts so beautifully against a dark green background. Imagine wedding guests opening your wedding invitation suite to see all of these coordinating pieces. Impressive to say the least!

We have to point out the subtle but very pretty Deckled Elegance invitation, which is the first of five invites below Contemporary Greenery. What makes this invite so special? The feathered edge (a.k.a. deckled edge) which has a shimmering pearl finish. What we love about this invitation is how the deckled edge brings all attention to the couple’s wedding wording.

The Embossed Diamond design incorporates dramatic blind embossing to bring a striking frame around the couple’s wording. This wedding invitation is stunning and will surely reflect that modern style so many of today’s couples love.  

All of these winter wedding invitations are worth a closer look, so be sure to click on your favorites below and check out the images closely. Our talented photographers are excellent at capturing all of the detail and our close-up views reveal just how beautiful the wedding invitations really are.

Featured Invitations (top to bottom, left to right): Contemporary Greenery Invitation, Deckled Elegance Invitation, Shining Vines Invitation, Naturally Beloved Invitation, Pearl Wreath Invitation, Forest Romance Invitation, Embossed Diamond Invitation, Woodland Charm Invitation, Flower-Patterned Romance Invitation, Wrapped in Foliage Invitation

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