Twelve Tips for Creating the Perfect Graduation Stationery Gift Basket

Celebrating the class of 2024

Want to give your favorite grad something a little more special than cash or a check? Create a stationery gift basket!

Start by choosing one or more items that will serve as the “theme” of your basket, then add accessories the grad will love. We hope one of our three themes will inspire you to create a gift basket perfect for your graduate.

Create a Stationery Gift Basket for Your Favorite Grad

Theme: Classic Correspondence

  • 1. Letterhead printed with the grad’s name, phone # and email address will help them stay in touch with friends, family and potential employers.
  • 2. Grads will probably already have the thank you notes they’ll need for graduation gifts, but a nice set of personalized note cards are perfect for adulting.
  • 3. Visit the post office or the USPS Store where you’ll find fun stamps you can add to your gift basket. There are tons of designs to choose from and you’re sure to find one that reflects the personality of the grad.
  • 4. Even in an age when most everything is done online, an address book filled with the names and addresses of grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles makes a nice gift.
  • Flat notecard personalized with white ink on dark colored paper

    Theme: Creative Journaling

    • 5. If the grad loves to journal or keep organized the old-fashioned way, they’ll love a personalized notebook or journal.
    • 6. An heirloom quality pen is a long-lasting gift most grads will treasure for years to come. But if that’s not the grad’s style, a fun pen in the grad’s favorite color, or a set of colorful gel pens are perfect for accessorizing the basket.
    • 7. Accessories like washi tape, stickers and personalized Post-it® Notes are the perfect accessories to finish the basket.
    • 8. Planner pads are a perfect at-a-glance way to keep track of an entire week’s schedule.
    Spiral bound journal with inspirational message

    Theme: Off to College

    • 9. A good headset designed to reduce background noise during online meetings and calls, late-night studies and marathon gaming sessions.
    • 10. A wireless charger to help keep devices charged without filling the desktop with cables.
      A USB hub or a headset mount will also do the trick.
    • 11. A large desk mat designed for gaming will also help protect their desk from scratches, spills and other damage.
    • 12. A stand to hold a phone or tablet while they work. There are a wide variety of styles to choose from, including stands built into a desktop ring light.

    Round off a tech themed basket with post-it’s and a few single subject notebooks. Even students who would prefer to do everything on their laptops will find them handy when laptop batteries die or internet access is unavailable, and research shows taking notes in notebooks improves long-term memory.

    Whether you build a basket for a communicator, a dreamer or a grad who lives their life online, a stationery gift basket will send them out into the world in style.

    Featured Items: Tailor Made Note Card; Think Positive – Journal; Color Wash Weekly Planner

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